StuckeySoap Reviews

Posted by Lateon Peterson on

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  • The only soap i’ll use from now on! Highly recommended.

    Joseph on

  • I purchased both the turmeric bar and the oatmeal milk and honey bar approximately 4 weeks ago for the first time. It truly worked miracles on my skin, not to mention they smelled so deliciously good. I suffered from ash and dry patches on my skin due to my eczema. Not only did my skin clear up, I haven’t had any new flair-ups since using the soaps. I have ordered my second batch already. My daughter used the turmeric soap on her face and it is also completely clear. Stuckey Soaps were a miracle worker for me. It feels so good to be ash and dry patch free. I can wear short sleeve again. Thank you Stuckey for this life-changing product.

    Tanaisha Fisher on

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